Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hacking Post: #clmooc

Well, my first Make Cycle for #clmooc (write a how to) took longer than I anticipated, and now I have missed some of the other tasks, but this is one of the best things about MOOCs: only the organizers and facilitators have to stay on task, and even they can slip if they do it right.

Anyway, I've decided to skip to Make Cycle #4: Hack Your Writing. I'll hack my blog posts, which tend to be analytical pieces, with some poetry, starting with haiku. I'll use the titles of the hacked blog posts.

How to Study a cMOOC: Part 3 of a list for #CLMOOC

Pierre Dillenbourg
turns from fifteen years away,
answers, "Here I am."

Investigating MOOCs, Part 2 of a #CLMOOC List

a tweet uncalled for
as pointed as a finger

How to Study a cMOOC: A list for #CLMOOC

human scale hangs in
the balance against scaled fish
— a neuron waits to fire

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